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Group, private and corporate classes

In my classes i integrate different tools in order to help you attain a tranquil state of mind and train awareness and focus.

  • Asana and Breath – Practicing yoga postures in alignment with our breath not only stretches and strengthens the body but also helps us achieve a single-pointed mind.

  • Meditation – Each class includes also breath and mantra-based sitting meditation.

  • Sound – Upbeat, eclectic music creates a vibe and helps us to enter a flow state.

  • Yoga Philosophy – Full of insights and wisdom the yoga scriptures that have been passed along for thousands of years still find practical use in our modern world. I love sharing them in the hope that this can inspire and enrich your practice.

For private or corporate classes (in german or english language) please click on contact below and leave a massage or send me an email –

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© Copyright Mia Damyanova Munich (Germany)

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